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Pregnant Women Aren’t the Only Ones Who Benefit from HCG

April 21st, 2015

The human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG hormone is a hormone that is produced in abundance during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is because it plays a big role in ensuring that the fertilized embryo develops into a healthy fetus. Mothers who are still in the first weeks of pregnancy often keep a hawk’s eye on their HCG levels because these are the primary indications that there is something wrong with the pregnancy. A low HCG count could mean a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, while a high HCG count could be equivalent to a molar pregnancy. However, there are also cases when high or low HCG count simply means that the age of the developing embryo has been miscalculated by a few days.

However, aside from its role in pregnancy, the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is also injected into people for the following purposes:

To aid in fertility treatments. This can be injected in both male and female patients for treating infertility. HCG helps the ovaries during ovulation and ensures that the eggs released by the ovaries are able to reach the fallopian tube safely. On the other hand, HCG helps to increase the sperm count in males.

To help young boys who are suffering from a pituitary disorder that restricts their testicles from dropping into their scrotums

To aid in the rapid loss of weight

1hcgdropsHCG injections have to be supervised by accredited healthcare practitioners in order to avoid any unnecessary complications. This is because it is injected directly into the bloodstream and one wrong move could cause unnecessary bleeding and other complications in the nervous system. People who are undergoing fertility treatments usually have the injections in the fertility doctor’s clinic at specific check-up schedules. Those who are being treated for pituitary gland abnormalities can be given the injections at home but with a prescription from the physician to ensure that the right dosage is given.

When the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is to be used for weight loss, the individual would have to check with a health practitioner first so that his vital information can be noted down. The information includes gender, age, current weight, weight loss goal and so on. The individual can then work with the practitioner in formulating the right diet plan that would aid him in his journey towards rapid weight loss. This entails going on a restricted-calorie diet, doing some physical exercise, and having daily injections of HCG.

The human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is beneficial for people who are trying lose weight because of the following:

It helps reduce the effects of rapid weight loss on the muscles. This means that while the individual is rapidly losing a whole pound of excess weight, he does not have to worry about that lost weight being made up of muscle tissue. This means that the body would be able to maintain a better form since the muscles are still in good shape.

It helps ensure that the dieter does not suffer from constant hunger pangs. Constant hunger is something that every person who wants to lose weight has to deal with. And this is something that can easily be avoided with the help of the HCG hormone.

Some people have pointed out that the combination of low caloric intake and regular exercise is responsible for the weight loss and not the HCG injections. However, it should be noted that HCG does not directly burn the excess fats. Instead, it helps maintain the effects of the low calorie diet by giving the dieter less reason to binge eat and ensuring that his metabolism is at par with his diet.

Finding the Right Home for You and Your Family in Garden City, New York

February 16th, 2015

Finding the right house among tens of thousands of li-realestatefinder is not an easy task. The process of going through multiple listings just to find that one property that meets your needs and preferences can be quite cumbersome.

Extensive research is required to find the perfect home for you. You can seek the help of a real estate agent to make the selection process easier or you can rely on your own efforts and learn how to get the house of your dreams without any assistance from a professional.

The first thing you need to do is determine the factors that would influence your family’s choice. Ask yourself what certain considerations there are in looking for a new home.

Location is one primary factor that most home buyers look into, taking note of the property’s proximity to major shopping centers, schools and universities, hospitals, recreational parks, and other commercial establishments.

li-realestatefinderThe type of neighborhood is also an essential consideration, especially when the home buyer is on a tight budget. You may opt for a neighborhood that is known for low-cost housing, but there are also certain neighborhoods that feature quality properties that are not as pricey as those found in more upscale villages. Again, the key is to research and ask around to find areas that may be of interest to you and your family.

Security and demographic profile are also worth thinking about. Some people want a high level of security in their neighborhood, especially when theft and other petty crimes are quite common occurrences. Demographic profile is another factor, especially if you want your children having playmates their age or want a particular social class to mingle with.

Geography is also a major concern among some property buyers. One good example is looking at whether the developers did an outstanding job on turning a valley into a residential location or if an upscale seaside village follows state guidelines on property construction and development.

Once you have your final list of properties that meet your criteria, it is time to pay these properties a visit. Again you can have a broker specializing in that area to accompany you and fill you in on particular details that you would not find simply by researching online.

Each of the many Garden City homes for sale has its own advantages and disadvantages which is why it pays to have a checklist with you to compare and contrast. Some will have a better price, but some are well-maintained and demand a higher price. Whatever you choose, do not forget to consult your family about it. They are, after all, the ones you will be living inside the house with, and it is also their happiness and peace of mind that matter.

Golf driver Customization

February 12th, 2015

It has been acknowledged by a lot of the golf players that golf drivers are just one of the things that a person should learn how to use if he plans on understanding and playing golf. Golf drivers are the biggest types of Woods, which in turn are the biggest and most powerful types of golf clubs. Designed to deliver long distance, powerful drives, the golf driver is the best for a tee shot. Because it is able to maximize the flight distance and direction, golf drivers appropriately used could help the player reduce his total number of swings during a round.

golf clubsBecause of its capabilities, the golf driver is also the most expensive golf club a player could think of purchasing. Though there are golf drivers being sold for $20 apiece, the real and recommended ones have prices that fall around $130 to $500. Custom-made golf drivers are even more expensive, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. Despite the financial impact of getting a golf driver personalized, majority of the players would still push through with driver customization.

There are a lot of things that could be customized in a golf driver so that the club would best fit with the player’s swing methods. In general, the club makers offer the players five ways for them to customize their clubs.

1. The shaft flex

This identifies how the energy of the player during the swing would be stored and released.

2. The loft angle

This identifies the resulting backspin and launch angle of the ball after the drive.

3. The offset

This identified the angle of the clubface relative to the ball at impact

4. The club head mass

This aids in fine tuning the behaviour of the head for the swing tempo of the player

5. The center of the mass

This is similar to the loft angle as it helps in adjusting the launch anle and the backspin.

The customization of the club head always depends on the typical results of the swing of the player. For example, when a player has an appropriate swing executed with average strength, the resulting club head speed would be around 85 to 100 mph upon impact. This type of swings could be maximized when the golf driver is a regular flex shaft with a loft of 10.5 degrees, an offset of relatively low degree of 0 to 2, and a low center of gravity. This combination of the five customization aspects would result into the best total distance and flight behaviour. It is through customization that an average swing could be turned into an impressive tee shot.

Now, if a player swings harder than the normal player, he would have an entirely different set of customization. Players with above average swing speed, which is more than 100 mph upon impact, should consider a stiff-flex shaft with a lower loft of 9.5 degrees. This combination will create a faster swing tempo and a lower ball launch; the force would make the ball fly outwards rather than be kept in the air. He should also try getting an offset of 1 to 2 degrees and a more elevated, further rearward mass center. The given personalization will automatically even out the resulting drive caused by a higher swing speed.

In addition, for players who often end up slicing their drive shots, they should consider customizing the golf driver with an extra closed offset, around 3 to 4 degrees. The modified part would cause the clubface to square to the ball during the downswing. A customization of this type is called a max game improvement, with the club being called a draw driver. This is because a player with a proper swing who uses this type of customization would end up drawing their shots.

There are a lot more ways to customize the golf driver. What the player should do before he pushes through with this is to see what areas of his swing needs improvement.

Ideas for Movable cubicles

February 2nd, 2015

Movable cubicles are known for shipping large quantities of items. It’s quite interesting to know that they can be used for diverse functions such as for growing veggies and plants, organizing stuff, protecting wildlife, and more. This to-do list will make you look at Moveablecontainer differently.

Movable CubiclesBuilding a green home. If you want an unusual house, you can set your sights on movable cubicles. Regular homes are made from lumber – these not only catch fire easily but they are also costly for the environment. A shipping container is turning into a fad nowadays because having them is way cheaper than building a house made out of traditional materials. It’s also easy to put your home away when you want a change of scenery.

Putting up an office anywhere you like. Working outside of an office takes a bit more effort because being at your home-sweet-home is conducive for rest and goofing off. It has been observed that people who designate a working area in their residence are mentally primed to work, and they accomplish more duties as a result. These cubicles may be transformed into a working space right within your backyard and away from the temptations and distractions of home life.

Creating a space for meetings or any other activity. It’s expensive to rent a space continuously and constructing a meeting place is even pricier. Consider acquiring large shipping containers and converting them into your desired function room. Doing so is cheap, lasts a long time, and will provide unique experiences.

Setting up a store. Increase your earnings by spending less on the things you need to sell items. Building a store out from scratch can set your capital back by thousands of dollars. However, acquiring a cubicle and doing some modifications will not take a huge dent out of your budget. You may also attract customers because of the place’s novelty.

For travelling time. The technology for time travel may not be available as of the current moment but you can send what you have now into the distant future. A shipping container can last hundreds of years; whatever you place in it that doesn’t decompose will be kept for future generations to see. You can also choose shorter time frames like 10 years or 5 years so that you’d remember who you were when you’re older and have memory problems.

For keeping your stash. Is there something you’d like to hide away from the world? Burying it in small steel containers will do the trick. Preppers often use durable containers to store non-perishable food, water, weapons, medicine, and other survivalist items in undisclosed locations just in case they will need them.

For aquaphonics. Aquaphonics is a method of growing vegetables, flowers, small plants, and even fruit bearing trees in containers. They are attached to a small tank with fish or other freshwater seafood. The water is enriched by the creatures’ droppings and it is passed on to the plants through a hose. This makes the plants grow amazingly well. You’d only need a plastic IBC container, some pipes and pumps, fish, seeds, and plants, and an aquaphonics manual that you can download from the Internet.

For dealing with your junk. Movable cubicles are not only for keeping the important stuff; it can also be used for clutter control. When you’re doing heavy duty spring cleaning, regular garbage bags may not be enough to contain your trash especially if it involves large furniture and weighty appliances. You can also keep your things temporarily in a container while you’re figuring out how to rearrange them, such as when you’re transferring to a new home.

How to Show Your Gratitude to Improve Employee Retention

February 2nd, 2015

Gratitude goes a long way, especially in helping you to improve your employee retention.

Being grateful of your employees hard work actually helps them perform better. When you were still a child, the moment you received a “thank you” from your mom for cleaning your room or helping in tidying up the living room makes you want to do more. You feel good about yourself. This goes truer if she offers to give you a treat. Now that you run your own business, showing your gratitude can also help make the employees feel good about them and improve their work performance.

To help you show how grateful you are for their hard work and effort, here are ways to do it.

1. Commendation

Employee retentionWhen an employee is commended for a good performance, he feels good and does better at work. If you are managing him, you can commend him for a job well done. As an employer you can also commend him to a certain department head especially if you see the employee’s potential at a certain task and wish to reassign him.

2. Providing benefits

Do you know that the benefits you provide can help with employee retention?

There are some companies that may have certain benefits but one that provides retirement benefits, separate from their social security benefits, is one way to keep them in. That is because they see how their loyalty is valued. Providing certain benefits, and even improving it, make them feel how much their efforts are appreciated.

3. Giving rewards

Rewards can be another way of showing your appreciation and help improve employee retention. For a hard worker, especially one who seems to do work beyond the 9 to 5 shift, it is best to provide them a days off not just when asked. You may also offer them a vacation package which they can use with their family or friends.

Always watch over your employees’ performance. Reward those who have worked hard regardless of their position in your office.

4. Privileges

It can be touching to give your employees gifts during their special day. Of course there are some employers who can’t give every employee a gift. However, there are instances when their officemates do plan a certain surprise for them even in the office. Such employees are those who show their optimism at work and even works well with other employees.

Allow them to have this from time to time. This is to show how much you value their performance at work especially how they work well with others. This also gives you a chance to show them you are open and are willing to listen in case they need anything that can help them perform better at work. But if you really want to acknowledge their special day, you can always give them a card.

There are also times where you can provide them with free lunch during group meetings, especially the long ones. This will help them brainstorm more effectively and see they are well taken care of.

5. Improve their work area

One way to show your appreciation for their work is by making sure their area can help them work effectively. You can provide better lighting, more comfortable chairs, more efficient working tables, and even a coffee maker inside the office.

Showing how grateful you are can help improve your employee retention rate. This makes them feel good and well taken care of that they are happy to work for you and for the success of the company. Never belittle the power of what a “thank you” means to them.

TalentKeepers has been the leader in employee retention solutions for well over a decade.

An overview of PCB and PCB fabrication

January 31st, 2015

Printed Circuit Board, or PCB, is a board consisting of afiberglass or phenolic base that supports and holds electronic components together. It connects them electrically by laminating onto it etched copper outlines or diagrams created by a particular designer. In recent times, PCB fabrication is widespread and they are used in just about every electronic product and appliance ever invented.

The most common PCB orientations are single sided laminate, double sided laminate, and multi-layer. These classifications pertain to the number of copper layers in a single board. A single sided laminate is a PCB with a copper layer on only one side. It is the simplest and most common orientation that is even used by hobbyists who experiment with different board designs.

PCB fabricationDouble sided has two copper layers on both sides of the board that are connected via holes.This orientation allows for a more versatile circuit design. It also streamlines cross-linking of parts which are highly useful for more complex circuits. Multi-layered, as the name implies, has more than two copper layers sandwiched in between the board’s material. The extra layers are utilized for ultra complicated circuit designs that could not be accommodated by either single or double sided types.

A more modern orientation is recently introduced and it is called High Density Interconnect or HDI. This is an upgrade from the multi-layered type and ismainly used to make circuit boards smaller and lighter. These types of boards are commonly applied on smartphones and tablets.

When it comes to PCB fabrication, there are two methods of attaching electronic parts and they are called through-hole technology and surface-mount technology. Through-hole was the first method used in mounting electronic elements to the board. It was used from the advent of PCBs until the late 1980s when the surface-mount technology was introduced. Virtually all electronic devices used through-hole conventions in their PCBs until then. Electronic parts such as diodes, resistors, transistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits have lead “legs” that are slotted in through holes and soldered on the other side. This scheme is actually more expensive to apply as it needs a lot of holes to be drilled perfectly, and areas of utilization are reduced when it comes to multi-layered boards because the holes needed to pass through all the layers for the components to be usable.

The second method and the more modern of the two is the surface-mount technology. This method worked out the limitations inherent to the through-hole technology. In using this scheme, re-designed electronic pieces with shorter legs are soldered straight on top of the circuit board. Surface-mount technology became popular in the 1990s as it can accommodate smaller elements and is flexible enough to apply it on both sides of the PCB without having to drill holes. It was groundbreaking as designers were able to create smaller patterns that have more complex functionality.

PCB fabrication may seem complicated for laymen but the procedure is quite simple. The basic process of PCB fabrication includes:

• Drawing and designing the PCB layout either manually or through a computer-aided system (CAS).

• Illustrating the fabrication and assembly scheme complete with diagrams, legends, and special instructions that will help the manufacturer.

• Etching the circuit pattern on the PCB base by either subtractive, additive, or semi-additive processes.

• Laminating the resulting etched PCB product.

• Drilling of holes based on the design.

• Plating and coating of the PCB.

• Applying solder resist to cover areas that should not be soldered.

• Printing of legends on both sides of the PCB.

• Applying bare-board test to ensure quality and correctness before actual assembly.

• Assembly of the PCB and its different electronic components.

• Packaging completed products for delivery.